Feral kitty

Today morning, I visited pet shop and bought 1.2 KG food for CatsΒ πŸ˜€

On the way to home I saw a little feral kitty meowing loudly , may be calling her momma cat.

Its a good thing that I had cat food with me. Immediately I shared food with kitty.

Kitty eating purepet cat food ☺

Then I returned to home with satisfaction 😊😊



Close up of Simba

​meowing πŸ˜€

Simba relaxing in his comfortable zone

So as days progress, Simba is getting older and bolder. He started to move out from his small den to explore new territories and scents πŸ˜€

Simba checking out new scents

And he bravely moves out to check even more

And then he returns to his original place and meows for sometime.

Finally he settles down πŸ˜€

Today was a bad day… Simba tail is broken 

Meet my new friends

Today morning, I met new cat friends in neighbour of my current cat friends. A total 0f 4 cats of which 1 mama cat ( to the right most).

Our mama cat has given birth to 5 cute kittens

He is young male pride cat πŸ˜€  and he allowed me to touch and pet him .

mmmmm,yummy food πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

She and brown kitten are siblings and she protects her younger sibling always. I cant touch her young kitten without proper approval from her πŸ˜€

Together final snap πŸ˜€