Friday evening with Cats

Today I visited cats in evening with dry food.

There weren’t much cats. I can only see Scar, Friend and playful cats, not to mention Simba.

Playful cat giving pose

Friend cat obedience

Scar was dominating all other cats.. He didnt even move a muscle when playful cat rushed in his way or friend cat him with paw. It appears Scar was feral for many years.

But no too Long. Other cats arrived and so does DON cat.

On seeing DON cat, Scar rushed to get away from him.

There he is…the GUNDA cat.. The DON 😸

When DON enters , war becomes one sided πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Then I bought 3 tuna and 1 milk packet for cats.

Our Queen cat had given birth to kittens. Donno about them as of now..

Then I distributed food to all cats..but momma cats were following me . coz they need to eat more to produce milk for kittens. I already provided them with more food than other cats.

Queen cat got promoted to momma cat πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

He is friend not without a reason…

Hey Human, let’s go somewhere 😁😁

Friend cat : You are riding or should I ride ??

I gave 1 complete packet for momma cats. Even tom cat followed me and he let momma cats to eat food.

Tom cat – The gentleman 😸

Simba moves out bravely and plays with cousins

I enjoyed well today and looking forward to meet new friends πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ tomorrow


Enter – DON Cat – Part 1

Cats with Whiskas Tuna wet food. They feel comfortable around me. And today I saw a new cat, whom people were referring as ‘Gunda’.

‘Gunda’ Cat.

Gunda ‘in local language means someone who is physically fat and dominating personality.

He is the Don of the clan. I never seen him before and this is my first encounter with him. Could not get closer pic as he keeps away from new humans.

I heard that this cat won’t allow any other males cat in his territory and in fact he has a fresh scar at back of his ear as of today evening.

As usual other cats moved closely with me.

CatΒ says : Hey Human, what’s that in your hand ?

I distributed food to all cats and they seemed to love the wet gravy food than dry food. After eating, all cats engaged to their routine activity. Some of them started to clean their body, some of them went back to sleeping mode.

Here our Tom cat shows who is the boss… He threatens Scar ..

Tom Cat :Tell me how the boss is spelled

Scar : BOSS is spelled as ‘TOM CAT’

Tom Cat : Good. Dont forget that. Else you will be forgotten.

Scar : Yes sir !

Today night will be tougher for cats. our ‘Gunda’ cat will definitely show his power.. Lets checkout cat’s status tomorrow morning πŸ˜€

‘Can – Can’ says Cats :D

Today I bought Whiskas Tuna – Can for cats. We do enjoy friday evening, so why can’t cats ?


Cats know the difference huh ? Let’s checkout πŸ˜€

Tom cat on top of box checking out his territory πŸ˜€

All set for billie’s weekend treat πŸ˜€

Hey Human, wassup ?? Β — Billies relaxing !!

Looking into eyesΒ – Tom Cat

I guess cats figured out the difference. They really enjoyed eating food till every last piece of it ..

Happy weekend ahead πŸ˜€