When generations meet !!

Today we saw a new kitten in our office building. I bought some biscuit for her to eat in afternoon.


In evening I met my friends near my home. I took out Lillu to meet other cats.  Lillu is growing very well under protection of Momma cat.

Lillu encounters Simba

Simba got curious of new lil kitten and checked her out. But Lillu felt threatened and scares Simba away.


And then Lillu meets playful Jr. She hisses Lillu away.


Lillu & Simba relaxing after eating.


Cats : Hey Human, got any food ?


Today was good experience for Lillu and hopefully she will get adjusted to new cats.

Momma cat’s lil kitten meets queen cat’s lil kitten.

Queen cat’s lil kitten 


Morning with Hungry cats

Seems the cats were too hungry today.. I expected that most of them would not be present at their home and would have gone to hunt.

But to my surprise entire cat clan, apart from Scar & Gunda cat  are resting and waiting for their human friend to start their day.

Momma cats with their young male pride cat.

Our Tom cat senses something fishy ๐Ÿ˜€

And he starts to check out the area using the scent.

Upcoming Kitten says : Hey Tom cat, what’s you smelling at ?

cats waiting for my move ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey Human, hardly any cat food ?

Simba started to interact with his brothers & sisters. He started to move out from his comfortable zone. You can see him in this photo

Tom Cat : What’s going on there ? 

Playful Cat Sr : Yeah, seems that human cleaning space for us

I distributed food to all cats.

Back at white kitten den,

Hey Human, where is food for us ?

I bought smiley ball for cats to play.

Tom cat

Momma cat

Simba : what doing human ??

Cat says : Hey human, why are you standing upside down?

What food is over already and nothing is there in the cover ?

Last evening I bought tiny plastic cups for cats to fill in food and milk.

Enter – DON Cat – Part 1

Cats with Whiskas Tuna wet food. They feel comfortable around me. And today I saw a new cat, whom people were referring as ‘Gunda’.

‘Gunda’ Cat.

Gunda ‘in local language means someone who is physically fat and dominating personality.

He is the Don of the clan. I never seen him before and this is my first encounter with him. Could not get closer pic as he keeps away from new humans.

I heard that this cat won’t allow any other males cat in his territory and in fact he has a fresh scar at back of his ear as of today evening.

As usual other cats moved closely with me.

Catย says : Hey Human, what’s that in your hand ?

I distributed food to all cats and they seemed to love the wet gravy food than dry food. After eating, all cats engaged to their routine activity. Some of them started to clean their body, some of them went back to sleeping mode.

Here our Tom cat shows who is the boss… He threatens Scar ..

Tom Cat :Tell me how the boss is spelled

Scar : BOSS is spelled as ‘TOM CAT’

Tom Cat : Good. Dont forget that. Else you will be forgotten.

Scar : Yes sir !

Today night will be tougher for cats. our ‘Gunda’ cat will definitely show his power.. Lets checkout cat’s status tomorrow morning ๐Ÿ˜€