Tom in Exile

Hello everyone .

Hope you are having great time.

I visited my cat friends this week. I found many cats which were present last time when I visited 2 months before.

But could not find Tom cat. I was told that Tom is staying bit away from the current place. So i went searching for him today morning and found him busy with a female cat 😹😼😼.

At first I could not recognize him. He looked weak and bit wounded. He too could not recognize me and fled from me at first. Then he recognized me 😸

Tom saying he wanna be friend again.

Tom cat relaxing

Female cat

Then Tom cat entered in battle field and challenged Gunda Cat for a battle.

Gunda Cat

He is severely injured at neck area.

Seems a brutal fight is going on for territory.

Hoping that everyone comes out safe ..


R.I.P Simba

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I met my cat friends after almost 2 months and I found many changes have happened since last time.

I heard that Simba is no more as she met with an accident 😦

More about Simba

I met Simba when she is 2Β  – 3 month old. There are no other kittens with in the same age group at that time. Seems she is the one who survived battling the nature.

Initially she was bit timid, running away from humans. She was even bullied by other cats too. Especially our Friend cat who was highly territorial.

As days goes on, she became bold and started to interact with other cats. Soon she became momma and gave birth to 2 beautiful kittens

Kitten pics here

Unfortunately when I visited them last time, I was told that her kittens could not survive and died. I felt sad for Simba. Then yesterday I was told that Simba is no more due to accident. I was shocked and felt sad.

Shit happens , but life moves on.


Catching up with Cats

It’s been 2 months since I met my cat friends . Converting to cat -human time scales, it like 2.5

When I visited last time, there were few kittens , but this time kittens have out numbered adult cats.

Friend cat :


She should be named as Nala,  considering her gender 😹

I am changing her name to “Sim” πŸ˜€

Sim has given birth to 2 beautiful and healthy kittens.

Sim’s lil kitten 1:

Sim’s lil kitten 2 :

Lil kitten drags empty Whiskas packet. Sim watches over her kittens actions.

Lil kitten : Grrrr,  this is mine 😼

Cousin cat :

Last time I visited cats, I missed Cousin cat. Now happy to see cousin cat πŸ˜€

Gunda Cat:

With tons of experience and age, he stands still for the shot .

Queen cat :

Seems queen cat is getting ready for another set of kittens.

Queen cat’s lil kitten :

Friend cat’s lil kitten :

Lil Kitten :: Hey there human !! Got some food ? Coming down right away !!

New lil kittens :

Need to find suitable names for them πŸ˜€

Tom cat joins the show lately..


Momma cat

Her face looks like wolf

Lil kittens

Aggressive momma’s aggressive kitten

He is very dominant and pick up fight with any animal including dogs when it comes to food.

Some kittens were missing as communicated by co pet care takee including Lillu 😦..

Hoping to get some info about missing cats next time.. let’s see

Lillu’s new home

Lillu got moved to new place due to some changes in current place. I got the news yesterday from my Co-pet care taker.

I visited Lillu today and heard that he was enjoying the new place very much with his fellow kittens


Lillu eating food with new friend

This new place is home for many cats.

New momma cat

New Momma cat with her kittens

Kitten resembles queen cat.

New momma cat’s shy kitten

Young male cats

Lil kittens


Lillu approaching new momma cat

Coming back to other cats :

Momma cat’s lil kittens searching for food

Momma cat with her kittens.Lil kittens have grown up well.

Queen cat’s lil kitten meets Scar

Everything is going well and hopefully Lillu gets adjusted to new home soon & starts new life.

When generations meet !!

Today we saw a new kitten in our office building. I bought some biscuit for her to eat in afternoon.


In evening I met my friends near my home. I took out Lillu to meet other cats.  Lillu is growing very well under protection of Momma cat.

Lillu encounters Simba

Simba got curious of new lil kitten and checked her out. But Lillu felt threatened and scares Simba away.


And then Lillu meets playful Jr. She hisses Lillu away.


Lillu & Simba relaxing after eating.


Cats : Hey Human, got any food ?


Today was good experience for Lillu and hopefully she will get adjusted to new cats.

Momma cat’s lil kitten meets queen cat’s lil kitten.

Queen cat’s lil kitten 

Lillu eye problem

Publishing post after 2-3 weeks.

Days are going very fast. Today I met my frinds in morning .

Gudna cat became friend with me after all.

Friend cat gave birth to kittens. Donno about them as of now…

Young male pride cat giving pose

Then I visited Kittens and Lillu. Β It seems Lillu got some eye infection. One of her eyes seemed to be sealed completely.

So she was managing with one eye only 😿😿

Immediately I checked with my friend and got eye drops for Lillu.  After sometime Lillu became active and stared to play around 😼😼

And I visited Lillu in evening and she is very actively playing with kittens. I distributed food to all cats .

Lillu : The most fearsome cat 😹😹😹

With sharp claws and killer look 😸😸


Few days back I saw a very young kitten meowing loudly for momma cat. she is very young and barely has some fur on its skin.

Sweepers told that kittens momma cat abandoned kitten. But not sure what really happened. I took this kitten to momma cats , hoping they will take care of this new family member. But cats did not accepted her and pushed her away….

Hence our Lillu was meowing loudly as she was hungry and its cold out there. But no cat cared for it 😦😦

On hearing kittens meows , new male cat, seemingly papa cat to cousin cat arrived.

But momma cat scares him away to save her kittens assuming he is a threat.

Lillu was so hungry and meowing continuously. . So I bought Whisks kitten gravy food and she started to chew food difficultly.


Then I left for home and it rained heavily in evening . when I visited next day morning I could not find Lillu . I was happy as it’s momma cat took her kitten home.

But in evening security person said that the kitten was left alone by other cats in rain and she was heavily drenched in rain 😿😿. Then they covered her in towel and placed in cardboard box.

Hence I bought kitten food exclusively for her and fed her. I tried to mix her with other cats but they just hisses her away .

Other cats didn’t accepted her and stayed away from her. Lillu was looking for milk from momma cat or just she was looking for home.

Lillu peeped into every cat or kitten in search of milk .

Finally momma cat gives milk to her kittens and Lillu joins them.


Meanwhile momma cat other kitten climbs on to my lap πŸ˜€

I stayed there for 30 min as if I moved momma cat follows me and it would ruin our objective of getting Lillu milk.

Then I visited my old frds waiting outside



After some time, I went inside to check the Lillu status and she was sleeping

This is similar to sleeping posture of baby in mothers womb.. I was so moved after seeing this. It’s very young kitten who lost its mothe,siblings and lying on cold floor. I wanted to take her home but I have some limitations and its risky too.

So I figured out to think as “well done for today. Make the kitten live tomorrow” . I am not thinking about how I am going to make her live for 1 month, but making sure for tomorrow Β and it continues for every tomorrow’s that are going to come

Today I visited Lillu and glad to hear that momma cat gave her milk and taking care of her πŸ˜€



And she tried to play with kittens too πŸ˜€

Day by day Lillu mixes well with family and time can show us whats it’s going to be πŸ˜€