Lillu eye problem

Publishing post after 2-3 weeks.

Days are going very fast. Today I met my frinds in morning .

Gudna cat became friend with me after all.

Friend cat gave birth to kittens. Donno about them as of now…

Young male pride cat giving pose

Then I visited Kittens and Lillu. Β It seems Lillu got some eye infection. One of her eyes seemed to be sealed completely.

So she was managing with one eye only 😿😿

Immediately I checked with my friend and got eye drops for Lillu.  After sometime Lillu became active and stared to play around 😼😼

And I visited Lillu in evening and she is very actively playing with kittens. I distributed food to all cats .

Lillu : The most fearsome cat 😹😹😹

With sharp claws and killer look 😸😸



Few days back I saw a very young kitten meowing loudly for momma cat. she is very young and barely has some fur on its skin.

Sweepers told that kittens momma cat abandoned kitten. But not sure what really happened. I took this kitten to momma cats , hoping they will take care of this new family member. But cats did not accepted her and pushed her away….

Hence our Lillu was meowing loudly as she was hungry and its cold out there. But no cat cared for it 😦😦

On hearing kittens meows , new male cat, seemingly papa cat to cousin cat arrived.

But momma cat scares him away to save her kittens assuming he is a threat.

Lillu was so hungry and meowing continuously. . So I bought Whisks kitten gravy food and she started to chew food difficultly.


Then I left for home and it rained heavily in evening . when I visited next day morning I could not find Lillu . I was happy as it’s momma cat took her kitten home.

But in evening security person said that the kitten was left alone by other cats in rain and she was heavily drenched in rain 😿😿. Then they covered her in towel and placed in cardboard box.

Hence I bought kitten food exclusively for her and fed her. I tried to mix her with other cats but they just hisses her away .

Other cats didn’t accepted her and stayed away from her. Lillu was looking for milk from momma cat or just she was looking for home.

Lillu peeped into every cat or kitten in search of milk .

Finally momma cat gives milk to her kittens and Lillu joins them.


Meanwhile momma cat other kitten climbs on to my lap πŸ˜€

I stayed there for 30 min as if I moved momma cat follows me and it would ruin our objective of getting Lillu milk.

Then I visited my old frds waiting outside



After some time, I went inside to check the Lillu status and she was sleeping

This is similar to sleeping posture of baby in mothers womb.. I was so moved after seeing this. It’s very young kitten who lost its mothe,siblings and lying on cold floor. I wanted to take her home but I have some limitations and its risky too.

So I figured out to think as “well done for today. Make the kitten live tomorrow” . I am not thinking about how I am going to make her live for 1 month, but making sure for tomorrow Β and it continues for every tomorrow’s that are going to come

Today I visited Lillu and glad to hear that momma cat gave her milk and taking care of her πŸ˜€



And she tried to play with kittens too πŸ˜€

Day by day Lillu mixes well with family and time can show us whats it’s going to be πŸ˜€

Cats giving pose :D

Queen Cat

Tom Cat

Playful cat SrΒ 

Friend Cat


Gunda cat

Playful cat Jr

Momma cat

White kitten momma cat

Also I bought kitten food for Lil kittens. They started to eat food from yesteday.

Lil kitten eating food.

Momma cat successfully introduced her lil kittens to the cat clan and clan continues to grow varying from young Lil kittens to Old powerful Don cat.!!

Great days ahead for cats πŸ™‚

Cousin Cat

Cousin cat is the only black & white cat in clan.

His mom & dad, siblings left the place and he was left behind. Momma cats and young male pride cat takes care of our cousin cat.

He has soft personality. He doesn’t know the boundaries, that cats usually have. He will join to eat other cat’s food. Momma cat’s and young male pride cat usually don’t hurt him as they all are family.

But other cats especially Playful cat Sr , Playful cat Jr, Friend cat have strong boundary and they will not share food / space with any other cat, including our cousin cat.

Coming to other cats, Young male pride cat – doing morning Yoga

Shavasana πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I found a jockey box and made some modification to it for cats.

Simba in box πŸ˜€

Cats checking out their new apartment

What’s in der? – Aunt cat gets curious. Aunt cat seems to be sibling to momma cat. They look identical, except momma cat is friendly.

Cousin cat also gets curious . but Aunt cat hisses him away :/

Hey there , Human.. Glad to see you πŸ™‚

Momma cats relaxing

Momma cat’s Lil kittens

Let’s checkout in evening what’s cats are up to with their new apartment πŸ˜€

Evening : Cousin cat playing with bike tyre

Updated on 18th Jun 2018